Thursday, 17 December 2009

Poorly paws is now pesky paws!!

Have you ever tried taking a dog for a walk in the rain and snow when he does not want to go? He suddenly developed a limp, sad look, shivered and ran for home!! When we got back (all of ten minutes later) he jumped around the house with a look on his face that very clearly said "fooled yer!!". He's been full of beans all day but absolutely refuses to go outside for any longer than it takes to relieve himself. Our poorly paws has become a pesky paws as he's got so much energy he's plagueing us to death.

This month's challenge for the private group was to create a postcard based on a favourite childhood poem. I searched long and hard for this one as I had so many of them. The Night Mail by WHAuden with its trainlike meter, Alfred Noyes "The Highwayman" who came riding up to the old inn door or Walter dela Mare's "The Listeners" that scared me when I tried to learn it in bed in the dark. But in the end I decided on Lewis Carroll's "Father William" because as a child it made me laugh.
Jennifer fell in love with her poem when visiting the National Garden Museum. It's "My Garden Gate" by anon (C1875). I admit I'd not heard of this one but Jennifer sent me a copy of the poem and it's very relevant today. The garden gate is seen as shutting all the bewildering politics of life out and keeping the peace within.
Doreen's poem was another one I'd not heard but think I would have loved if I'd heard it as a child. Memories of Childhood (don't know who wrote it must look it up) paints a picture of neighbours gathering to chat and taking it in turn to make the tea and bring out the biscuits.
It's snowing hard here and just to prove me wrong Sy andJulie have just brought in a very wet but happy dog covered in the stuff!!

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Julie said...

I shall have to look up these poems. I think the only one I know is "The Night Mail". The postcard you made and the others are lovely.

We've had some snow but not inches, thank goodness. Years ago I had a spaniel that used to go mad in the snow and try and eat it! Daft creatures!