Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Poorly paws and pressies

I've been very remiss this week in showing the advent swap goodies I've received but we are going to blame it on the dog. But here they are, there are several bags, shopping, hot wheat and lavender bag (although I had to throw the lavender away as it made me sneeze and cough). I'm fine with the flowers in the garden but dried it becomes an irritant. Still Joy wasn't to know that and I do love the smell. I also recieved a lovely little scissor angel which has already had some use;a glass ornament and I think a stoneware vase.

The postman also brought me three stars, one of which was meant for another person so I shall have to part with it. It will go to Maureen who is its rightful owner tomorrow.

The stars are part of the 'star' swap on MixedMedia-atc group and they are really more beautiful in 'the flesh' than in the photo.

A couple of friends are having a hard time with stress at the moment so I decided to make them a 'Dammit Doll' each. I made one of these when I was working and it got a lot of use. They are very easy to use, lots of examples on the web. I just used a cookie cutter for the basic shape, sewed a sad face on them and a few strands of hair, stuffed them and they are ready to whack when you feel the need to shout 'dammit!!!' Try making one they are fun and effective.

On Sunday we went to Castle Howard, one of the UK's grand houses. The house was all dressed up for Christmas and they were wood fires burning in all the rooms. The atmosphere was wonderful, warm, welcoming and beautiful.
There were several trees throughout the house, all decorated by the Howard family.

Someof the baubles looked good enough to eat. What helped to make it festive was the music, in several rooms small ensembles of musicians were playing carols or Christmas music. The music ranged from jazz to choral to brass. We came home tired but happy and beginning to actually feel as though Christmas is upon us.
Now for the poorly paws bit - Buster has been in the wars. First his arthritic hind quarters have been playing him up due to the cold weather. We had no sooner got medication from the vet for this when he split one of his nails and it had to be removed. We had one very cross, very sore pooch for a few days but he's well on the mend now and beginning to enjoy his romps in the woods again.
New of the errant sewing machine. Bernina finally agreed the machine was faulty and gave me a new one. So far everything seems okay, although I did get an error message shortly after beginning to show but when checking it was my own fault. I was using the BSR and forgot to reduce the foot pressure. I must admit quilting is easy with the BSR but I find lettering a pain and its much easier just to digitise the text than use the, what I feel, is a rather cumbersom way of adding lettering to whatever you are sewing. But there is probably an easier way to do it.
I don't really have much time at the moment to play with it as it gets closer to the big day. Still trying to chase the dust bunnies out of the house but feel sorry for them as its so cold outside.

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Rosalind said...

I think the original instructions re. lowering the foot pressure when using BSR was abandoned and you only need to lower a smidgeon with thicker quilt sandwiches. If you are getting missed stitches etc I have heard that Bernina are altering the spring on the BSR foot for a heavier one.
That is certainly happening in USA.Might be worth asking?
HTH :o)