Monday, 7 December 2009

Advent days 4 to 7

Day 4 of the Advent swap brought a teaspoon with a picture of a Galah bird and a boomerang. Day five a pencil box and a magnetic bookmark with an Australian flowering gum picture. Not really sewing related but certainly representative of the country of my swapper and I shall treasure them.
Days 6 and 7 presents were a hankerchief envelope and a 'gypsy' pencil case. Rather an unusual shape. The sewing on both articles is very skillful and I'm looking forward to opening tomorrow's surprise.
The last of the November "Wish you were here" cards arrived this morning from Cindy. Cindy spends part of her year in Seattle and the fabric she's used on the card is very picturesque. It
Shows various well known beauty sites and tourist attractions and the blackwork centre design of a Seattle.
I've not done a lot of sewing this week as I've been trying to get my cards in the post and do the last bits of Christmas shopping. I'm earlier than usual this time, mainly due to not having my main machine.
Now for the ongoing saga of my Bernina 830 (8 series). As a mentioned in a previous post it has gone back to Bogods in Cardif for the third time for repair. I got a phone call from Alan on Friday. I must say Alan has been very forthcoming and kept me up to date with what's happening. On Friday Alan had cracked my problem and was going to sew for a bit longer then service the machine and reset the counter. After that the 830 would be coming home. He rang today to tell me that half an hour after we spoke the machine broke down again. This time the machine is being replaced but he's decided to open the packages and test them before sending them to me. So third time lucky!!! I hope.


Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

How frustrating for you! Bernina are normally so reliable. I feel like my right arm has been cut off whenever my machine is being seviced.

Julie said...

Fingers crossed Annette!

McIrish Annie said...

I've not been across the pond to visit in some time. What a feast for the eyes! between the lace and beer in Bruge and the zentagles and postcards, it was well worth the trip.

Sounds as if you've got a very tempermental Bernina on your hands. My sis had one like that and ended up pitching it and moving onto a Janome and never looked back.

good to see things are going "swimmingly" for you and yours.