Saturday, 26 December 2009

Happy Christmas snowmates

This Christmas has been memorable because of the amount of snow we've had. It is beginning to go now but I thought we weren't going to get to Walworth Castle for our Christmas lunch but we did. We went out on Christmas eve for a meal with friends and I thought they would need to roll me home I was so full. Christmas day meal though was with the family and we thoroughly enjoyed that too. I must have put on pounds - good job the sales are on so I can go and buy some trousers that fit round the waist!! Christ and Cindy sent me these two cards based on the poem theme, not quite a poem but close enough and very seasonal.

I hope santa was kind to everyone and you got lots of lovely gifts. I must have been very good this year I not only got a watch, pandora bracelet and a new ipod but lots of lovely books and a couple of games for my DS so lots to keep me amused in the days to come.
I had every intension of give the house a good clean but we seem to have had so many people popping in and out over the last few days I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I'd much rather have the company.
Keith and I both missed our Mum's this year but we wished them a happy Christmas at midnight on Christmas Eve,
Three (well more like two and a half) sleeps before we leave for Austria. Still not sure what I'm taking but I always have this problem and in the end I just throw in whatever I can get it. It always works out that I've taken far too much.
Yesterday was the last of the Advent Swaps, not had time to take photos of the last two the light has been so bad and its very difficult to scan an empty tin.
It struck me tonight that I should have done some snow dyeing so tomorrow if there is enough clean snow left I might just give it a go, if I can remember how.