Saturday, 25 October 2008

Early start to the weekend

On Friday both son's were home together with their respective partners it was lovely having them all up together and made for an amusing start for the weekend. Problem is I kept thinking Friday was Saturday and today it feels like Sunday. I'm not sure what day it is now but I did get some sewing done. I have a confession to make, I made this Wild Woman pin as a swap with Charleen, its one of Sarah Lawrence's designs. Now Charleen if you read this blog I've lost your address. The email you sent it in I deleted before I made a copy. Sorry about that but could you resend your address please and I'll send "Lily" to you.
This is my Lesson 4 journal for Sue Bleiweiss's "More Journalmaking" course. Its a wrap-around journal with 3 paper signatures and three corner pockets. The pockets are like little triangles across the corners of the wrap. Two on the inside and one on the back. The lining is plain black the pockets are flowered on the inside plain black on the outside.
On the front of the book is a flower I made from some leaves I picked up on one of my walks with Keith. While we were walking I started fiddling. Like you do sometimes with receipts or bus tickets, and it grew before my eyes. Its a bit dried out now but I might make a few more to make a bunch don't know if anyone else has made leaf flowers, if so how do the last.
I'm cathing up nicely with all my tasks for this month, which is just as well seeing we're nearing the end. I still have my TIF, TAST and 100 Stitch challenges to complete and an mini quilt for an art quilt swap organised by Kate North which I hope to finish next week. While I've been working I've been listening to James Rollins novels. I've finished Black Order and am two thirds of the way through Judas Strain. James Rollins is the author who wrote the Indiana Jones novels and these two are just as rollocking.

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