Monday, 20 October 2008

Slow Progress but getting there

I don't seem to have done much over the past few days, other than walk. Keith is definitely on the mend, his legs still give him some discomfort but not enough to stop him walking. He's gone from not being able to do much over 100m without having to stop to walking a couple of miles two or three times a day. And he drags me out with him. He is keen to go walking 'proper' so is pushing himself. When I ask if he thinks he's overdoing it a bit he quotes the bit on the back of the leaflet he got on leaving the ward. It says "you cannot overdo the walking" my knees say you can. This month's theme for the private swap is 'Grids' and the green and pink embroidered grid is Cindy's postcard. It's very pretty and she's made good use of the checked fabric.
These are mine. My 'grid' is metallic fabric and the sequine waste with beads. I thought I'd continue the autumnal feel with these velvet backgrounds. I've had this fabric for quite a while and unfortunately there was only enough of the bronze velvet to make three cards. I dug around in my bits and pieces and rediscovered this really sumptious purple shot velvet. It doesn't show on the photo but the colour is purple and when you move it you can see the green 'shot' in it.
I added metal flowers from coloured shim which also had been knocking around for quite some time in fact I'd forgotten I had it.
This piece is a bit of an experiment. I had a small piece of painted vilene, about 1.5" x 4.5" and was going to throw it out. At the time I was holding a paint brush with gesso on it when I remembered Maggie Grey in her new book has several pieces where she's used gesso, paint and stitch. I swiped the gesso paint brush over the vilene and left it to dry. Later I sprayed it with with colour wash paints terracotta and pesto. When it was dry I fmed it and resprayed. Next I sewed beads on, boy were my fingers sore it was stiff going stitching through all that paint and gesso. Finally I coated it with acrylic wax. It has a lovely leathery feel to it so I'm going to save it to put in the centre of a postcard. Maybe you'll receive it one day.

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