Wednesday, 29 October 2008

October TIF and more stitches

As normal Sharon's TIF challenge for October set me thinking. "How does your workspace make you feel?" Well I thought how does it make me feel. Frustrated, its so small and cramped, especially if I'm trying to paint fabric but no that's not true. I'm happy in my cupboard (its the dining room really) its familiarity has become part of me, like an adult security blanket. But my security blanket would have embroidery on it and perhaps something experimental. My October TIF shows my workspace wrapped in a blanket. The blanket is quilted with lovely familiar machine embroidery stitches and it has a photo of my workspace printed onto Lutradur.

I painted the Lutradur first with Inkaid as I wanted to try out this product. It worked fine, I also printed the same photo onto black Inkaided Lutradur and was surprise when it came out quite well. I decided to go with the white one though as it was clearer. My workspace is not neat and tidy so I burned wavy edges and cut outs, though they don't show up too well (the spaces on the shelving).

How do I feel about my workspace? I feel it is a place where I can be myself to create a mess or a masterpiece without fear of displeasing someone. A place where I'm wrapped in in colourful comfort. My space, my retreat from the world.
Over the past few days I've completed days 59 to 73 of the 100 Stitches in 200 days challenge on Stitchinfingers. Some of the seam treatments are very similar and when I tried to scan in the latest batch I couldn't find all of them. I've not sewn them in order on the blocks but sewed them wherever I felt they would fit in best. Consequently they are spread over the 8 blocks I've completed so far. I decided to scan in the some finished blocks, the ones I haven't done before. Some of Day 59 to 73 are on one of the blocks I haven't yet scanned in, this is because there are still a few rounds to be embroidered on it. I'll post this one as soon as I finish it.

Some of these 'seam treatments' may look familiar, that's because they were probably one of the earlier days.

I started off embroidering these blocks as though they were crazy blocks but it doesn't really work

You need to use the whole of the strips, ie sew down the centre of the strips rather than along the edge.

Otherwise gaps appear and it looks odd, I've had to go back and add stitches to finish off the ends on some pieces. The second block photo shows this gappy effect, I'll have to add some more stitches to that one.
Keith's been feeling the affects of his flu and pneumonia jabs today, he's stiff and aches all over which isn't doing his back much good. Hope he's feeling better tomorrow not sure I can cope with the silent suffering much longer.


Jane said...

Great piece you've created for TIF... I also enjoyed your seam treatments from the Details Group, very nice !

Julie said...

Well done on your TIF piece, the texture of the Lutradur sets it off. Looks like a very organised workspace to me. The embroidery is beautiful.