Saturday, 11 October 2008

More 100 Stitches

I haven't managed to get much done this week, been playing ministering angel to Keith. I have managed to catch up with quite a few of the seam treatments challenge on the Stitchinfingers group "100 stitches in 200 days" while sitting talking to him though. Here's a sample of those I've finished this last week. Day 51 - ribbon stitches, French knots and beads.

Day 53a - Straight stitches, beads and sequines.

I did two slightly different designs for this day making the design go round two sides of the log blog. This was because the original one done by Sharon Boggon was stitched over lace and I'm quite short on suitable lace pieces. I keep looking but so far I've only found the cheap nylon type. I did buy some last year when we went to Vaulkenburg for the Christmas Markets but can I find it.......
Day 55- stitches - straight, buttonhole, oyster, french knots and beads.
Day 56 - Stepped running stitch laced with ribbon, running stitch with laced thread, cast-on stitch and beads.
Day 58 - Chain, detached chain, French knots and beads.

If you are interested and would like to see all the samples I've done so far for this challenge they are on my Flicr account .

I have got up to day 60 now but day 54 is missing. This is because it involves buttons and I still have a phobia about buttons. I am getting better and can handle the new pretty buttons that are around today but old ones, ugh my fingers just refuse to touch them and my toes curl up (I have the same reaction to slugs). Pity as there are some really lovely ones. I'll have to find some suitable new pretty ones for day 54.

As for Keith, he's doing quite well. His instructions are not to sit for more than 20minutes as his back will begin to ache and he'll be in danger of bending forward too much. He keeps getting up and going out for short walks which is a novelty to him as he's not been able to do much more than 100m without pain. However, he tends to overdo it a bit and I'm afraid we have had words about it. Last night I changed his dressing and the bruising is beginning to come out, his posterier would match my 100 stitches log blocks!!

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Julie said...

Beautiful work Annette.

What is it with men? They are never good patients. Bless them!