Friday, 3 June 2011

A few more holiday photos

This time from the Alhambra Palace in Granada.  It is a truly wonderful place and well worth a visit if you ever in Granada.   The photos speak for themselves, the stucco work is beautiful and quite well preserved where people haven't continually touched it.  The tilework was very similar to that we'd seen in Morocco and again reminded me of quilts.

 There are fountains down the length of this pool but they weren't playing the day we were there.
 The views from the windows in the Palace are spectacular and you can see the length of the wall that protected it from the outside.
 More examples of stucco and tile work.

 The gardens stretched for acres and were a series of small rooms, some sunny, others cool all peaceful.
 This little boy was talking to the fish and they were coming to talk to him, or perhaps they thought he would feed them.
 I've done a little sewing since I got back, the first card is based on Summer Solstice and is supposed to be Stonehenge with the sun just rising and a Druid.   I really should have turned him to look at the rising sun and if I had it would have been a lot easier, durr....
This card is based on "Coast" and is of an area of beach not far from where I live.  We often take Buster down here to run along the beach and chase the waves.  You frequently see wind surfers of people flying kites as there is normally a breeze even on the calmest day. 

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Terri said...

Love the pictures - like traveling while sitting at home. Love your cards, too. I especially love the Coast. Your quilting on it is marvelous!