Thursday, 30 June 2011

Off to Ipswich in the morning

Just a quick note really to tell you how excited I'm beginning to feel at going to the Contemporary Quilters Summer School for the first time.  There are some names on the workshop lists that I know are extremely tallented and I hope some rubs off on me.

I'm doing a course with Linda Maynard doing dyeing, surface design stuff.  For once the requirements list isn't too bad and I've managed to pack all my stuff in the case with my clothes.  Just hope I've got enough polythene to wrap up wet fabric when I come home or I could end up with multi-coloured tshirts.

Not got anything to show you today as I've not done any sewing for a few days.   My Bernina 830 came back today from Cardiff.  I sent it to Edinburgh for servicing and they sent it to Cardiff to be upgraded to the latest model.  Not had time to play with it yet so I've got that to look forward to.

Will post pictures of my weekend workshop when I get back.

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