Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More Tangled Art Dolls

Sometimes I just have to work through an obsession and I think I'm almost there now with the latest tangled dolls.
I needed something to hang the dollies from and display them at the same time so I drew a picture
of what I needed and Keith bravely set off and made this for me.  I'm really pleased with it, didn't he do well.
All the dolls have slightly differing bodies, I basically drew a rough shape on thin card, folded it in half and tried to cut out a symetrical shape.   To be on the safe side though when I drew out the shape onto fabric I marked the card F for front and B for back just in case there was a slight difference and they wouldn't fit together properly.    Once I had the shape transferred onto fabric I drew the strings and filled in the spaces with patterning.   I started off with a black Micron pen (00.5) and filled in with coloured Micron pens (0.5).

 I then sewed round the doll shape and cut it out leaving a seam allowance, clipped the allowance where the lines curved for a smooth shape and stuffed them tightly.   Once I'd done that I sewed up the gap I'd left so I could stuff the doll and started to add decoration.
 This was the thinnest one and to be honest if I were to make a second one I'd widen the neck a little as it was a real pain to stuff the head the neck was so narrow.
This one you've seen before but I thought I'd add it as its now on the stand with the others.

We went to Leeds on Saturday where we were taken out to lunch for Father's Day by Marc and Alix.  I know it wasn't until Sunday but we were going to Sy and Julies for Father's Day dinner.  While we were there Alix took me to The Skep at Farsley which is a fairly new knitting and patchwork shop. There I bought several metres of Benetex fabrics for a lot less than I could have got them locally.  So now I'm in the throws of cutting out a quilt top.   Pictures to follow once I have something other than fabric to show. 


McIrish Annie said...

Love your dollies! have not been bitten by the zentangle bug but i can see how it becomes addicting!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just found your blog and your textile art is great. The dolls are so creative and zesty! I'm looking forward to following your work/play.
best, nadia

Angela said...

Your dolls are fabulous and I love the stand that your hubby made, it's the perfect thing for displaying them.