Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I've actually got down to doing some more work

Not a lot but a little. Well at least that's a start. I've really found it difficult to get my butt in motion since my holidays. Ideas just haven't been flowing and all I've really wanted to do is sleep. That seems to be in the past now and my muse is beginning to wake and shake me. I've completed the Textured Landscape swap for Surface Design and will post them tomorrow.

 The backgrounds are handmade felt, one felted knitting yarns (grey) and the others felted wool tops.  I felted them further on my embellisher and added a few embroidered items.   The stone walls are made from painted Tyvek which was then wrinkled with a heat gun.  Keith had given me an old Tyvek coverall and I had great fun cutting it up and playing with it.  It's a while since I did that and it felt good.
 Next Monday is our Dippy Day where 6 of us get together to play and have fun.   We're having a tangling day.  I've been into zentangles for a while now and I'm going to show the others how to have fun.   One of the projects for Monday is to make a little Tangled Art Doll and this is my sample.   It didn't take long and it could become an obsession as I intend to make several more.   The photos show back and front of my little doll.
While the name Zentangle is the property of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas (check out their website  here ) people have been doing similar doodles for centuries.   Just look at the carvings on stones and patterns found in nature.   Fractals such as ferns are particularly good tangles.  

I'm going to Spalding on Thursday for a few days, Keith wants to go to the woodworking show there and to visit the Imperial War Museum near Cambridge.  As he's very good a taking me where I want to go its his turn now.   I'll be taking along my tangling kit and hope to be creative.   I'll show you what I do when I get back.

Meanwhile the postman has been busy again.   Deb Cragan's Textured Landscape is a collage of items and very effective too.   It looks better in real like than my poor scanning.

These two beauties are from Pauline Mackenzie in Australia.  Pauline is obviously an artist just look at her painted card (top) and her Textured Landscape (bottom) she has a great eye for colour.

Back to tangling I bought Yoga for the Brain - A Zentangle Workout by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.  It's not only full of patterns but some really great ideas and a book I would recommend.  I'm taking it away with me.

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Julie said...

You've made a beautiful start Annette and I like the Tangle doll. enjoy your visit to Spalding, it's almost in my neck of the woods :-)