Friday, 17 June 2011

If anyone wants a photo of a Spitefire - I've got one.....

We spent last weekend in Lincolnshire visiting a woodworking show in Spalding then we went to Cambridge to visit the Imperial War Museum.  Keith's weekend out.......   Actually I enjoyed the museum and the spitefire (picture above) was just about to take off.  It was one of the privately owned military planes housed on the airfield.   Below is one you might remember from the film -"Memphis Belle"  It was a static exhibit, not an airworthy one like the spitefire.

One of the hangers housed the land warfare exhibits, here's Keith with a Tiger Tank.  Picture is a bit blurry due to the lighting.
The ops room as it was on D Day.
But this was my favourite plane.
The woodworking show turned out to be rather small and by lunchtime we'd been round it four times so decided to spend the rest of the day by the sea at good old Skegness

We had doughnuts and coffee joined by a couple of friends.   The sun stayed out for us and all in all it was a good weekend.


Julie said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit to Lincolnshire Annette :-) We visited the IWM at Duxford a couple of years ago and it's vast! There is so much to look at, lots of inspiration in all the shapes and textures around too.

QuiltSue said...

I thought I'd just let you know that my husband was one of the members of the original preservation society that set up Duxford, and he worked on the renovation of the Memphis Bell.