Monday, 4 February 2008

Challenges continued

Got the final challenge for mum out of the way - find her a cleaner. As mum is rather hard on cleaners, she's always been extremely houseproud and not being able to do her own work is getting her down. I just hope this one lives up to her expectations so keep your fingers crossed for me or my head will be on the block.

Talking about blocks hese are my blocks for the February Heart Block lotto on About.quilting they are the first ones I've done so I hope they are okay. All I have to do now is find out where I send them. The colours don't look quite as bright as in real life. I tried upping the contrast in PSP but it gave them all a blue tone so just left them alonge.
SharonB's blog a few blogs ago had a link to the American Needlepoint Group. Its a while since I did any needlepoint so I checked out a few patterns and started sewing. It's quite soothing to have this sort of thing to do whilst watching tv. It's a long way from finished and I'm not entirely sure what stitches a lot will depend on what threads I have and the mood of the moment.

I've also dug out my Babylock embellisher today, this piece is my start on a landscape. I've felted some wool tops onto a felt base and machined some contour lines. It's my intention to do some macine and hand embroidery onto the background but what, not sure. As you can see I've very much an instinctual, 'suck-it-and-see' sort of person. It nearly always comes out okay
These are the January Fairy cards from Christine Davey's private swap group. There are five of us, four from UK (although one of these is an American living here in the UK) and the fifth is Brigitte in France. I've not been doing many cards recently wanting to concentrate on a bit more experimentation and quilting but thought I could well cope with just sending out four a month.

Brigitte's card is the fairy with the rose and the wand and the fairy is wearing her face! It's really lovely to put a face to a name.

Got a day to play tomorrow, or at least that's the plan so far. I want to make some fabric paper I missed the challenge in the Textilechallenge group but I'm going to do it anyway just for myself. Bought a lot of sponge stamps today in the sales as they were only 25p each I got one of each thought I might try discharge stamping with them. On tomorrows list of to-dos is make a start on the BQL February Bag challenge just got to sort out the fabric. I ordered some feet for the bag and I'm hopeful they will arrive soon. Roll on tomorrow I'm really looking forward to my play day.


MargaretR said...

Wow, that embellisher landscape is going to turn out fantastic.

Aussie Jo said...

I can't believe you live near Whitby, Heartbeat is my fav. program!!!
I love your work, very inspiring, I'm off to machine stitch a diary cover after seeing your scrap challenge book cover.