Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentines Day Surprise

Keith and I had decided we were past the Valentine Day ooha so we'd just ignore it. Imagine my surprise therefore when I got up this morning and this beautiful book awaited me. I was over the moon with it, I'd been drooling over the photos in this book for a while now but as it was a bit pricey thought I would never own it. Roseberry Topping is not far from where I live and a favourite walking area for us. It fascinates me everytime we go past it. I'm not up to walking to the top any more, something we did quite regularly when the family were young. The North York Moors are also one of my favourite places and the book is absolutely brimming with Joe Cornish's wonderful photos of the Topping and the Moors. My last lot of embellished landscapes were based on the colours of the moors in September. This is just one of the stunning photos in this book, look at those colours aren't they to die for! I've been lucky enough to see the sunset over the topping like this.
To top off Valentines day my mum was taken back into hospital tonight, again with a nose bleed that wouldn't stop. I had to leave her there sad and a bit apprehensive about the future as it appears her arteries, at least in the nasal area, are fragile and liable to 'pop' as the consultant put it, anytime. We're all a bit worried about her, just 3 more weeks and she'll be 92 and I've been charged with organising her birthday lunch.
This is my Triad colour composition Journal Page for the Surface Design group, the colours I've used are purple, green and orange. The colours are a bit off, probably because I scanned it rather than take a photo and the lid wasn't down properly because of the beaded tassel.

After waiting several days for the sun to come out so I could do some cynotype printing it eventually arrived. I painted the fabric with the chemicals, then read the instructions, it had to dry, in the dark! Why did I believe you had to put the resists on when the fabric was wet!! Where was I going to dry it, our house faces south west and gets the sun all day. Airing cupboard was no good as it was full to overflowing. I finally put some in the garden shed, some in the broom cupboard and one piece I left in a the gas meter cupboard! By that time the sun had gone in and I was left with yellow/green fabric dripping all over the kitchen floor. The next day though they were dry and I could start to sunprint the fabric. My first experiements with plants didn't turn out too well they smudged as the sun exposed parts underneath the bits not pinned down. Probably because I had to put the fabrics on top of my garden swing - it being the only usable surface in the garden. The garden table having my dh's tools on it and covered in potting compost. My next try was with the metal shapes I use as templates when burning with the soldering iron and these came out beautifully. Next step is to embellish them. Haven't a clue yet what I'll do.
Hearts atc for the UKEmbellisher group mainly knitting yarn and fabric with a cardboard heart and one of the left over lavender hearts from the recipe JP.

I also finished my February BQL Bag but Blogger wouldn't let me upload another photos so I'll post one next time round.

WIP - Arch for the TextileChallenge group, TIF challenge and January and February Journal Pages for CQ2008 still to do. Guess I won't be bored.

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