Saturday, 16 February 2008

Tired but Happy

It's been a very odd sort of day, hanging around waiting to see if the hospital would discharge my mum and booking a holiday. Hospital - had to ring them three times before I got an answer, finally went up to see my mum on the ward and arrived after visiting hours - staff just love me!! Mum's looking quite well in fact I think she's actually enjoying the attention. She's to stay in until tomorrow because she won't stop touching her nose to see if its still bleeding. Each time she does this she moves her nose and there's a danger it'll start bleeding again. Honestly its just like having a small child around.

Holiday whoopee we're of for a cruise down the Nile mid March. We just decided to book one between bouts of hospital phoning. I'm really looking forward to it it starts at Luxor and ends at the Aswan Dam. We've decided to go down the day before and stay overnight so its not going tobe too much of a rush getting to the airport., same on the way back. Problem with getting back is that we don't arrive home until 6:30pm and Keith has to go to work 4 hours later. He's going to see if he can get an extra days holiday.

Done absolutely no sewing, just looked at what needs to be done. I'm not in the mood tonight to use the machine so might just do a bit of hand embroidery whilst doing the couch potato thing.


Cyber Fyber said...

Hi Annette!
I mailed you last week! I'm so sorry that you might not have received the message. I would love to trade with you but did not receive a follow up email at with your "real" address! Like I said in the other message, PLEASE WRITE BACK...with your address! I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you and hoping that you get this message!

Helena said...

Sorry to read about your mum still having nose bleeds...

I've looked all through your blog and I'm stunned by your work. You're so gifted!

Great blog!

liz said...

Hi Annette, just catching up on all the blogs:) Your valentine book looks lovely. I used to climb up Roseberry Topping when I was younger, spent my teens in that area. Our 2 favourite walks were that one and Captain Cooks monumnet, and also walking about on the forrestry commission land.