Friday, 22 February 2008

Getting on Well

Got this wonderful Arch in the post from Pam this morning, its a one-t0-one swap with the Textile Challenge Grouphttp://

I've managed to get a couple more challenges off today, been quite quiet so could get on. I'm trying to get ahead of myself so I can go off on holiday and not worry that I've left myself too much to do when I get back. The landscape is for the Colour Composition Journal Page swap and this CC is 'Perspective' and will be going to J Morning Dove. I've tried to show the perspective by using size and colour. I drew the picture from a photo, stitched round the lines and coloured the cotton background using watercolour crayons, washed it with water. Finally did some fme and handsewing to try and emphasis the perspective.

This fabric postcard serves two purposes, first its my response to the Choosedaychallenge group's February theme of 'Acid'. I've named the card Acid Rain. Secondly its the card I'm sending to Susan Lenz for the Cyberfyber Exhibition The card is made from one of Stef Francis's experimental hand dyed fabric and thread packs. Its mainly silks with a bit of cotton (muslin) to bond the silk and velvet panel. This was made by cutting strips of silk dupion and silk velvel, bonding them onto the cotton background, cutting and reassumbling the pieces time and again. They started off about 2cm wide strips and got down to about 3mm pieces. You have to be careful or you loose them!!!! I've done this technique a couple of times , once with Maggie Grey and once with Sandra Middleton. I think Sandra calls it "Fractured colour" and she does workshops. Believe I learned it first with Maggie and took it further with Sandra.

Only got one or two outstanding items to complete before now and the Nile just so long as I can resist signing up for something else that takes my fancy. So outstanding items are:

CQ JP's Jan, Feb and March - I have done some of the design work for the first two, in fact shouldn't take too long to put them together. Finishing them will take longer. I want to use the theme of colour and song and have a list of titles a mile long, problem is deciding which and how to do them. One more CCJP to do, this one is perfect circles and I should be able to do that today, got the pattern developed using EQ6. Not sure how others learn new software but I need to have something to do to motivate me. Really can't be bothered fiddling along trying out all the lessons, too impatient. I want to use it. Last but not least Toras birds, got the pattern know where I'm going with that one too. Finally tissue paper pendants, still working on that one.

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Ati. Norway. said...

Your landscape is lovely and i like the postcard very much.It is so bright in color!
Did you sew the tiny pieces on again or did you use a kind of misty fuse?