Saturday, 23 February 2008

Shopping for fabrics

Why is it when you start a new project you NEVER have the colours you need.! Bit like shopping
for clothes isn't it. I needed some blue fabrics for my journal page mini quilt and I had nothing suitable so we decided to make a day of it and go to Whitby to Judith's Fabrics. Never been before but always game to shop and take in the sights. Ialso call into Leven Crafts at Guisborough to add a few more and this is my final selection of blues.

While in Whitby we wandered across the bridge into the older part of Whitby and at the bottom of the steps up to the Abbey we found this artifical flower shop in the shambles. Not a great lover of artificial flowers but loved the colours .

I've been toying with an idea for my March CQJP and decided to take photos of some older doors in Whitby. All Green Doors guess what colour my JP will be, probably won't have any suitable green fabrics either.

Found these little beauties up one of the narrow lanes leading up to the Abbey. Wanted to take some photos of the arches in the Abbey but the car park was full. Whitby was heaving with people today. Had some wonderful fish and chips before leaving for home. It was a bit grey coming back over the moors and the traffic was nose to tail. We were pleased to get back and put our feet up.


JANE said...

The threads and fabric you got at the shop are great. Thanks for "taking me along" for a little trip through the town. Great photos!

Angelcat said...

Those fabrics are great, looks like you had a very successful shopping trip! Love the door photos too.

TracyB said...

Hi Annette. You've been tagged!! Can you share 7 random things about yourself? (I've posted the instructions on my blog) thank you!!