Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Best laid plans...

Thought I'd have plenty of time this week to get on with my sewing but the life and dramas of my family life have had me on my toes, on the phone and away from my sewing area. Well I did manage one Journal Page for the Surface Design Group 'Colour Composition - Perfect Circles' theme. This one is for Sandy Reis, I hope she likes it. Its a bit of a cheat really as we were supposed to use plastic washer type templates to create the perfect circles but I couldn't justify buying them. Instead I used the circle attachment for my 730 and using iron-on stabiliser as the back of the circles sewed away merrily. Once I had my circles I cut them out, very close to the edge, put a slit in the back of the stabiliser (I'd sewn them with the adhesive side outermost) and turned them inside out. Next step was to run a point round (I used an orange stick) the hem to take out any bumps. As the adhesive was now on the inside I ironed ironing them created neat, thin, circles ready to applique on to my background. I used a Floriani lightweight stabiliser but I've done this technique using lightweight dressmaking iron-on stabiliser.

The background looked a bit plain so using bubblewrap and acrylic paint I created more circles . The centre piece was the top of an old giant paper clip bought from Oxfam. I cut it off with some pliers and hand stitched it on. Well that's all the work I've done for the past few days but my postman was a very busy boy this morning, look at all the goodies he delivered.

First my Cyberfyber fabric postcard swap from Susan Lenz. I wish you could see the texture the photo doesn't do it any favours. It's number 2 on the list if anyone wants to check it out.

This kitchen tissue pendant from Dianne Ceray also arrived. I just love this, it almost feels like metal. Dianne you certainly made my day with this little beauty I'll have to think of something very special to do with it. Far too good not to be displayed or worn.

Next in the batch was Joanna Von Rit's "Laurel Burch Tile" piece. This is another really great piece, the eyes seem to follow you. A bit spooky but I love it. There are nine of us in this swap each of us making 9 5" tiles. So far I've received three but want to display them properly when they all arrive.
And last but not least the Surface Designer's Handbook arrived from Amazon this afternoon. I had completely forgotten I'd ordered it so it was a lovely surprise (too many books my dh would say, really must catelogue them). There are all sorts of techniques for dyeing and making designs on fabric. Some techniques are well known to me, others less so but is a beautifully presented book and together with the Painted Quilt should take me a long way (hopefully).

Off to line dancing in the morning I've not managed to get there for the last three weeks so I guess I'll be stiff later one. Then I really must catch up with some washing and ironing and frighten a few dust bunnies. There are only three permanent members of this household but it feels at times like we live in Paddington Station.

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