Sunday, 2 March 2008

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Tracy and I must apologise for not responding sooner, I found your comment a couple of postings down, nearly missed it. Thank you Tracy and I shall pass on the tagging as soon as I've rounded up enough victums (lol).

It never rains but it pours does it, both Mum's ended up in hospital last night, boy what that hectic. Keith had decided we'd go out for dinner as we'd spent all day shopping for holiday clothes and had nothing in the house to eat!! Just got back and was about to relax when the phone went and it was my Mum saying the ambulance was coming to take her into hospital as she'd had another bad nose bleed and would I come with her. Quarter to midnight Mum was tucked up in a hospital bed and we landed back home. Put the kettle on and the phone rang again. I wondered what catastrophy had happened to mum now. But it was Keith's mum this time, the home rang to say her leg was badly swollen and she wasn't well so they'd shipped her off to hospital. It turned out she was in the same hospital as Mum, on the same floor as Mum but in a different Ward. The home had been trying to get hold of us since 7:00pm (the time we went with Mum to hospital). I was a bit cross with them as they said they were short staffed and had sent mum in with an agency nurse. They just got to hospital, the nurse knew absolutely nothing about Jan's past history and as her shift had finished she just left her in A&E on her own. I couldn't believe someone would just dump an Alzheimer patient like that!!!

So I'm back home again, both mums okay for the moment but me, well I'm ready for bed!!

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MargaretR said...

How dreadful Annette to have both mums in hospital, the only consolation is the fact it's the same hospital and the same floor. Poor mums and also poor you! Hope things get better before your holiday.