Saturday, 15 March 2008

Last minute jobs

Off to Egypt in the morning but I wanted to get some last minute bits and pieces finished before I went. One of them was this Journal Page for the CQ 2008 challenge. Its called Blue Moon the song of Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra fame. It's one of my favourites and I often find myself singing it. I wanted to portray a sense of longing but wasn't too sure I'd achieved it or not but here it is judge for yourself. The next three photos are close ups of bits of the JP which is 12" x 12" , as yet I haven't put a label or sleeve on it. Think I'll do them all together.

I should do one of those "guess where the photo came from" no prizes for getting the answer right this time though.

The last photo was just for fun, I was playing around in Picassa with photos of grass and flowers and I quite liked the effect.

My mil is back in her nursing home though she is still far from well. She hasn't a clue who anyone is now and is yet again stressed as she doesn't remember her surroundings but she will soon settle down again. Her leg is quite swollen and red but her GP is reassessing the situation on Monday so I could come back to find her back in hospital. Left her in the capable hands of my son who knows just what to do if anything untoward should happen. As for my mum, well I got a call last night as she'd got another nose bleed. It turns out she'd got herself upset over something we would consider insignificant but Mum of course brooded on it and as a consequence her BP rose and her fragile nasal veins again caused problem. I managed to get her calmed down and the bleeding stopped and she was fine. My brother checked on her this morning took her out which she seems to have enjoyed. He tired her out, and now she's safely tucked up in bed not worrying about anything.

Well I've got my camera, notebook, pencils and a glue stick all packed. I was going to take some sewing with me but couldn't decided what to take so I've downloaded 4 books onto my ipod and will just sit back and relax, paint, draw or simply watch the world go by. I'll be off-line now until the end of the month, be good.

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