Monday, 10 March 2008


A couple of posts back I said I'd been tagged by Tracy (really must learn how to get the url hidden behind the name). Sorry Tracy I got waylaid and didn't respond to it so will do so now.

Seven things you might not know about me:

1 - I was a flower child but not into free love, my mum wouldn't let me!!
2 - I packed in work and did the hippy trip overland to Khatmandu in the 60's camping out under the stars, pity I wasn't interested in any type of fabric art then!!
3 - I married late, had my children late and studied for my degree late but glad I did all three.
4 - I've seen the Taj Mahal by moonlight and had tea with a Tibetan Monk in Nepal and slept under a table in a teahouse in the Himalayan foothills with several friends while rats ran over us - we slept through the lot.
5 - At the sight of slugs and worms my toes curl up, I hate them.
6 - I have an aversion to rubber buttons.
7 - I love Joe Cocker and R'nB' music.

Now my hubby has just walked in for supper so I'd better go and feed the brute. I'll post my 7 tagged blogs later.

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Angelcat said...

I love reading all these fun facts about people. I have Joe Cocker in my CD player at the moment!