Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Purple Haze

No problems with Blogger tonight my photos uploaded quickly and without any trouble, it must have been feeling a bit off last night.

I completely forgot that I'd signed up for a swap on ArtnstheMail Group until I got a card through the post from Kate North (photo below). Kate of course had done a great card on the song Purple Haze by Jimmy Hendrix so I couldn't do that. I was at a loss for ideas so googled 'Purple Haze' and got the inevitable Jimmy songtrack, purple trees, purple smoke and a species of canabis called Purple Haze. But there was a really beautiful little crocus type flower called Purple Have so that's the inspiration for the cards below. I monoprinted fabric for the background and burned out the flower shapes from Angelina. I liked the leftover bits so they went onto the background too. The piece was held together with fme. I made a couple of purple beads from acrylic ribbon, wrapped and burned these then attached the flowers with beads. I painted shade lines on the flowers with LuminArte paint. They are now ready to go into the post tomorrow. My Purple Haze cards ready to go out tomorrow.
Kate North's Jimmy Hendrix 'Purple Haze' card and Priscilla Handler's patchwork 'Purple Haze' card.

A card arrived this morning at our house addressed to my Mum so we went over to see her taking it with us. It was a birthday card and on the back of the envelope was the verse:

Postman Postman do your duty
Take this card to my fair haired beauty

She was so impressed with the sentiment that she's vowed to keep both the card and the envelope for ever. We left her with a smile on her face.


Paula Hewitt said...

very nice, very purple. I was reminded of the following lyrics by an Aussie band called TISM:
'I met a member of generation x, said whats in with you kids these days,
Im so old I'll proably never have heard of it,
he replied Purple Haze.
Now I know we should separate our garbage,
the environment will give us thanks, but its going to far when teenagers recycle
their parents adolescent angst.

dont know how you'd have put that in a post card though!

Ati. Norway. said...

Beautiful Cards, I like purple:)

Angelcat said...

Your purple cards are great Annette, I really like how you included your cut offs in the background.