Monday, 10 March 2008

At last I've got some more photos uploaded but as I put them one at a time they are, of course, out of sequence!! The first should be last so to speak.
Don't think I've blogged these photos before and have put them in for the private swap group as a response to their question "how do you store your fabric postcards?" I made a book to hold fabric postcards from a standard A4 ring binder. I made a cover for it from painted pelmet vilene, sheer fabric, burned back using a heat gun, scribbled fme all over it. I cut a second layer from the same fabric, more fme and finally added machine covered cords and fme flowers. The pages were made from clear freezer bags, cut down to size (two cards per page), sealed, sewn down the middle to make two pockets. Finally I made a slit in the back of each pocket so the cards could be put in and taken out. I used some left over base fabric to create reinforcing strips on each page, punching holes for the ring binder.
At last I finished the Bird Toras, these were the second ones I did as I didn't like the first set. They had more embroidery on them but they lacked a certain something. Not sure what I'll do with the first set but they'll probably find their way into some work later on.

I made seven of these birds in orange, dark red and pale blue.

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BumbleVee said...

love your cute little birdies...