Saturday, 29 March 2008

Block lotto - March Shoo Fly

Been trying to catch up with the normal detrius of after holiday housework/washing etc and at last I think I'm beginning to win. Anyway I gave up and make my floral shoo fly blocks for the block lotto. Photo isn't too good though I appear to have something dark at the bottom and the flash as wiped out the colour in some blocks. Still they should show what I've done. I had hoped to see what was on offer in Egypt in the way of fabrics/embroidery etc but it was so unpleasant trying to run the gammut of traders I didn't manage to find any. Having said that I did buy a Galabeya with lots of embroidery on. We had a Galabeya party one night with everyone of us wearing Egyptian clothes. Keith bought a quite smart white linen Galabeya with red embroidery round the neck and cuffs with a matching overcoat. When I find the photos I'll post them.

Got several jobs outstanding to finish before the end of the month, not least is catching up with my monthly journal pages. So jobs for next week are:

1 Finish TIF for March
2 Finish Textilechallenge - glue gun challenge
3 February and March Journal Pages
4 Swaps - Portraite and April showers

That should keep me out of trouble for a bit.

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