Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The postman has been very good to me over the last couple of days and I received lots of goodies. This beautiful Laurel Burch Tile is from Hetty Bliek of Vlissingen in Germany is just one of them. I love the colours, so LB and the little embroidered bird in the middle really sets it off. Morning Dove (isn't that a wonderful name!!) sent me this colour perspective journal page, the first she's ever done. I think she's done extremely well.
I've received more tissue paper pendants, this set is from Michelle Bonds, Charmion Stephens and Aynsley McKay. Every one a winner and very different from each other.

Thse are some of my paper pendants, I forgot to scan them and had already put most of them in envelopes ready for posting. Luckily I still had a few left over to show. There are two layers of paper made from an embossed kitchen roll and an added bonus is that the embossing shows. I've used layers of the paper and strung beads on wire, wrapped it round the card. Because I didn't like the wire showing on the back I put another layer of paper over them. This unfortunately has made them slightly thicker than those I've received but they hang quite well. Finally painted them with acrylic paint, dipped the edges in UTEE and rubbed on Treasure Gold (although in this case it was silver). After a very hectic Mothers' Day with both mum's ending up in hospital things have calmed down to a steady trot. Mum is now home again but we are awaiting the hospital's call to let us know the results of the biopsies. Not said too much to mum about this as she would just worry herself. As for mil, well she's still in hospital, still quite poorly, dehydrated and not taking in much fluid. She cannot tolerate the drips and keeps pulling them out of her arm. Her consultant rang to asked if I would mind popping backwards and forward (ignore visiting hours he said) and try and get her to drink something, anything, so that's what I'm doing. As I have to cross the town to get to the hospital its very time consuming but I did manag to get her to drink almost all of a carton of Ribena.

Not got a lot of work done this week, finished my pendants and also my Bird Totas, pics later as I forgot about them when I was downloading the above pics. I've been checking out my holiday clothes, or at least what I have already that is good enought to take with me. I'm not too bad but Keith - well the least said about his wardrobe the better. If he can go in a checked flannel shirt and jeans he'll be happy.


Julie said...

Annette your pendants are lovely and the Laurel Burch inspired work you have been receiving is beautiful. I must find out more about her work as it's so colourful. I'm sorry to read all about your Mum and MIL you've certainly got your hands full. Take care of yourself too. :)

Ann J said...

Annette - Mail rec'd but don't know why mine are not getting through, sent 3 since Wed from 2 addies!

MargaretR said...

Your pendants are beauts Annette and some lovely things for you in the post. The colours in Hetty's are wonderful. I'm joining you in the hospital visits, SiL is in having a hip repleacement replaced. It's 16 years since she had it done before. Just had the other one done 6 months ago.