Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Landscapes and fabric paper

Been line dancing today, exercise at last, I thoroughly enjoyed it even though have have two left feet. It's a very friendly group and I'm not the only one facing the wrong way! Might have undone all the good work with the tea and scones afterwards with friends.

Done a bit more on my landscapes for the machine-embroidery/embellisher group added a couple of machine embroidered trees and hand embroidery for heather and sheep. I made three and then read the list, I only need two so for once I've got one for myself. Problem I have now is once I've trimmed them I've no idea how to but the back on. Normally I zigzag them together but don't think this will look right. Thought about putting the backs on like a pillowcase and just sewing round the edge to hold it flat. I'm open to suggestions.

Landscape one, this is the one I blogged previously.

Landscape two, sheep coming down the fell side, it's got a little bridge too.

Landscape three as I've said before I never know just how my work will turn out it sort of emerges.

I can't decide which one I'll keep for myself, probably turn them over and pop them into their envelopes then look to see which one is left.

Finished the needlepoint piece today as well, all that line dancing I needed something quiet to do.

Tomorow's tasks are make a start on the February BQL bag, look at starting my arch page, got an idea I'm working on but not sure it'll work out. I'll blog that later in the week.

One thing I did last night was make some fabric paper hmm mine certainly didn't come out looking like Beryl Taylors, think it was the black tissue paper. I've rolled it up and put it with the rest of my dross stuff I might have a use for it sometime in the future. I think the secret is to choose your colour pallet carefully mine looked like I'd dragged it out of the dustbin where it had been lurking under the tea leaves!!


Joanna van said...

Annette, your landscapes are just beautiful. Such rich colors.

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi, I love your landscapes, they have rich colors and depth!

MargaretR said...

These three have turned out so well Annette. I love them.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Annette - your landscape in paper and thread is stunning. I love the deep rich colors and texture. Fabulous!

katelnorth said...

Love those landscapes, Annette, very effective.

Helena said...


I found my way here via Julie's blog. I loved the felt picture you gave to her.

I would love to be able to do this sort of thing. Do you know of any books about how to start doing this?

I have arthritis in my hands, and suspect carpal tunnel, too. So I can't do the cross-stitch and blackwork I used to enjoy. It's painful and takes too long as I have to keep stopping. But I have always loved these type of 'felt pictures'.

How on earth do you get started?!


Lalhezar said...

Your landscape pictures are just beautiful. The perspective you have achieved is absolutely perfect and the colours stunning. Well done.

Vivian said...

Very nice colours & design in your landscape. Suggestion for finishing. Put a backing fabric on a stiff batting (like tim-tex) and wrap it around the edge. Place your felt over that. You could fuse or do a simple hand stitch around to hold the layers together.