Saturday, 9 February 2008

I ate my first Dragon today!!

I saw the Dragon Fruit in Tesco's and loved the shape and colour of it. I'd never seen one before let alone taste one but both Keith and I were intrigued and decided to pay the £1.79 for it. I didn't how to eat it, did you cook it? but a quick check on Google put me right. The Dragon fruit is the fruit of a cactus and when you think about the colourful, exotic flowers some of these bear I suppose a strange fruit is not unwarrented. I just love the colour. You eat it by cutting it open and scooping out the white, seed dotted, flesh. It tasts a bit like kiwi fruit but not quite as sweet. Keith and I cut it with ceremony and ate it with relish. I'd buy another one but perhaps the price will need to be lower.
Dragon Fruit

Inside the Dragon Fruit

Finished my February swap for Christine Davey's private group, this months theme was Africa. I found this piece of fabric in my stash, didn't know I had it. I machined lines of pattern on the background fabric, appliqued pieces of the Africa fabric onto the background then quilted the pattern. These went out this morning so the recipients should get them by Monday. Also finished the landscapes, got the backs on and all labelled up and when I went to check on the addresses found I only need one. I really must learn to read properly!! Guess I have two to keep - lucky me.

I'd been havering a bit about joining the Contemporary Quilt (QG) Journal Page Challenge, not sure if I was up to it. I sent an email a couple of weeks back saying I'd like to do it but heard nothing so thought I was either too late, they had enough challengers or thought I was not ready for it yet. I got an email this week from Hiliary Gooding, Helen Cowans who had been heading up the challenge was ill and all the details had been passed to Hiliary. Guess I have some catching up to do but not tomorrow as I've decided I need a day off, Keith and I are going up onto the moors for lunch and a drive around, especially as it promises to be a sunny if cold day. Good day for walking I think.

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austin said...

I have seen this fruit in a Kashi cereal commercial (if memory serves me right). I wondered what it could be. I was fascinated by the color, both outside and inside. Thanks for posting about this!