Thursday, 24 April 2008

April Journal Page Finished

Last night got the binding on my April journal page based on Donovan's "Mellow Yellow" song, rather silly lyrics but I love the tune. The photo is a bit dark, the JP is much brighter, more 60's flower power style which is what I was aiming for. Still haven't finished March's JP yet, getting there but this one just sang out to be made so I gave up on March and jumped to the spring flowers.
Just as well I finished this last night as I got another emergency call from Mum this morning her nose had started bleeding again. Panic was short-lived though, by the time I arrived it had stopped but she looked really washed out. I did a bit of shopping for her and called in and asked the doctor to check on her when she'd finished her rounds. When I got back to Mum's she was waiting with her coat on and a letter from the hospital saying she had an appointment to see the Haematologist at 11:00am today. It was already 10:30am, so we rushed around and got her there in time. When we arrived though they weren't expecting her. Apparently the secretary had put her appointment in the wrong slot it is actually for next week. They were full of apologies and we took Mum home. By this time she was quite cheerful and ready for a sleep. I think she actually enjoyed the ride out.

Going to relook at March's JP if it still doesn't inspire me I've got another one I want to make so may start on that. Not got a lot of time left though must have it finished by next week at the latest. Better get on with it.


McIrish Annie said...

LOVE mellow yellow! very mod! hope that you are going to put these all together in a book. I have thought about doing the same thing with tunes from my favorite guy, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. but can't think about starting yet another project!

Genie said...

Lovey page. Keep Cheerful, Hoe your mum is feeling better Today.