Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Lunch with Marc and Alix on Sunday and as you can see the weather had changed again from sunshine to drizzle and overcast clouds. Still it was lovely to see the sheep with their babies. This was taken outside the pub where we had Sunday lunch. Mum usually comes with us when we go to see Marc & Alix as she enjoys the ride out but she was feeling very tired and just wanted to stay at home.
For weekes there have been hundreds of green leaves outside our front door, nothing else. Then this morning I opened the front door to a glorious array of white and mauve flowers. These flowers 'stole' into our garden as we never planted the bulbs but each year they multiply and now we have a carpet of them. I don't have the heart to dig them out but they are rather taking over so perhaps I should think about thinning them.
Jenny Burn's sent me her postcard she'd started at Ushaw, monoprint background, stamped flowers, couched threads, fme and beading. It's beautiful and will go with me on Saturday when I talk to the guild.
Finished my TIF challenge piece on change, negative or positive attitude. I thought about it a great deal, more time thinking than anything else. My conclusion was that on the whole I embrace change - if its bad I try to make the most of it, if its good I enjoy it. I didn't have a lot of time left after all that thinking so my challenge piece this time is a computer generated one.
In the post this morning was my last Laurel Burch tile swap piece and well worth waiting for. It's from Sally Ambrose in Australia.
Not doing too bad with my challenges for this month, only got one left to do - the BQL bag which I intend to start on right now.......

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