Thursday, 10 April 2008

More goodies from the postman this morning the red and black flying geese block is from Maureen Eastwood. Its my first one from the ArtsntheMail 'Orphan Block' swap. Mine are in the photo below. April Showers card arrived also this one is from Brigitte in Angers. Brigitte and I had the same thought about the design for this card but as she got hers out first I'll have to rethink. Lovely card though Brigitte, as usual from you.
Finished the "16 Block" blocks for the Block Lotto run by Kate North and friends. In each of the blocks three of the square had to be plain black. The cards below are made from some mainly black wild geese blocks I had left over from another project. These are my orphan blocks, not true orphans as I had only made the wild geese not put them together but I hope this will be excused.
I've joined two mini quilt swaps recently one run by Kate North on her "Anotherlittlequiltswap" blog and Toni's blog. Both swaps have closed now and I nearly missed Kate's swap due to Yahoo problems. Not sure what's happening with Yahoo but although most posts get through the odd one is either missing or very late.

Decided I don't like my "Red Red Wine" JP and have decided to pull it to pieces and approach it from a different angle. If anyone know of a song with orange in the title please leave a comment with the title. I seem to be stuck with this colour. I could use Oranges and Lemons but that's not really a song.

Both mum's are remaining well although mine still has a sore eye as a result of her nasal biopsy. Apparently some instrument they used flipped the wrong way and caught the edge of her eye. Luckily there's been no more nose bleeds but she's quite nervous about the prospect of having to go back to hospital sometime in the future.

I've joined Terri Stegmiller's 'Paper Quilt' on-line class which starts the end of the month and am really looking forward to this. Got a token for Mother's Day (Mother's Day in the UK is in March not May) for the local art shop so am going to use it to refresh my paint supplies for the course.

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