Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Last of April's Challenges

The last challenge of this month has been completed, that's all my outstanding projects finished, at least those that were due before the end of April. This is my version of the BQL bag challenge. I cut the size down by a third as I'd read comments that the bag was a bit on the big side. I almost didn't do this months bag as I thought I wouldn't have the time. The red fabric I bought in a shop in town that is closing down. After I'd bought it I wondered why, I rarely if ever buy large print fabrics. I must have had something in mind but can't remember what. Not done a lot of work today except housework and shopping. Going to the hospital tomorrow with Mum hopefully we'll find out more about her diagnosis and the prognosis/treatment etc.
I did manage to cut some strips for the Buckeye Beauty block lotto, quite like this block and may make more and do something with them.

Next month's jobs to do include getting on with a couple mini quilts for swaps but haven't decided exactly what I'll be doing with them and don't want to leave too many clues.

Been trying to find a cottage or something similar that we could take Mum away for a long weekend. It is almost impossible to find something that has ground floor bedroom/shower for her, she can't manage steps or stairs. There are some out there but are very expensive. We did however find a barn conversion in Pembroke that we booked for a week in August. Unfortunately its too far for Mum to travel. We'll see what happens tomorrow then perhaps we can find something 'out of season' to take her.

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