Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Products of an enforced restg

At least I've made a start on my journal pages during this enforced rest but unfortunately that's come to an end now. Keith's on day shift this week so needs must I've had to face the dreaded housework on my own, ah well nothing new there. Actually I am feeling better, still coughing but not quite so tired all the time. The two journal pages I've started, but not finished are: February - Green Door sung by Shaking Stevens, I thought I'd finished it but after looking at it for a couple of days something is missing. I'll leave it around and it'll come to me what needs to be done.
March - Red Red Wine by UB40 also is unfinished. I printed red wine grapes and a glass of red wine onto cotton and using the glass as a template reversed the images. I then quilted contour lines around the glasses but I'm not sure it works. I think I should have printed two glasses and used the grapes as the background. Might start again with this one but it's part of the way I want to go.

I was given this needle case kit as a birthday present (two years ago) and finally got round to putting it together. Its miniature log cabin blocks on a foundation background. It was very satisfying to make and I was sorry when I came to the end. Might make another one for someone's birthday.
This is the inside of the sewing kit and it rolls up quite neatly.

Spent a pleasant hour this morning watching quilting videos on Kaye Woods site
I have a couple of Lazy Girl bag patterns so it was interesting seeing them put together by the designer.

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jovaliquilts said...

Just spent a wonderful few minutes reading your blog. You make absolutely beautiful stuff!

I'm in the Booty Swap, too, just trying to visit everyone's blog who's participating. Yours was a real treat!