Saturday, 26 April 2008

Flower Show

I've just realised that all the photos are similar in colour!! My friend Judy gave me a pair of compimentary tickets for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show so Keith and I went today. We had a wonderful time, there was so much to see and the flowers were outstanding. We went on a virtual spending spree buying thatch roofed gazebos, garden furniture and lots of exotic plants. Just as well the spending was virtual they'd never fit in our pocket handkerchief garden.

We did buy some plants and I finally managed to get some more alliums, the last bulbs I got Keith forgot they were in the garden and built his garden shed over them!! Hope these last longer as I've bought the as large plants rather than bulbs. Also bought another Delphinium a pink one this time and three Agapanthums.
There were absolutely loads of lilliums while I love the look of lilies I hate the smell and if I ever get them in a bunch of flowers I remove the stamins. Apart from the smell they make such a mess and I believe they can be dangerous to cats/
I'm not a flower arranger, mine always look as though I'd just dumped them in a jam jar but I do admire the work of those who can arrange flowers. One of the competition sections this year was "accessorize" and I just loved the way this lady had created the hat and bag from leaves. This was the winner of this section.
This is a close up of the runner up, this lady took second place I actually liked it better than the first but that is my personal preference. There were lots of daffodils and narcisi in so many different colours and styles, these were two of my favourites.
Love these two coloured blooms I'm sure they could be reproduced in fabric.

Off to Leeds tomorrow for lunch with my elder son and his partner. Normally we take Mum when we go down to see them as she enjoys the run out but she's not feeling too good tonight, tired and breathless. I guess she'll be better catching up with some sleep, I'll check on her when we get back.

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BumbleVee said...

that purse of leaves is amazing isn't it?