Sunday, 8 June 2008

Felting course with Jeanette Appleton

Boy has it been difficult to get onto Yahoo recently I've had to go the long way round via Google but I've finally got there. Guess they must have been doing some housekeeping.

Really enjoyed the last two days doing the Felt and Stitch course with Jeanette Appleton and this small piece is one of the pieces I actually managed to finish. Her technique is easy and best of all you don't need lots of rolling!! When in the past (long past) I've made felt my arms and back have ached for ages afterwards. Jeanette is a lovely lady who freely gave us her expertise despite having a headcold. The only draggy thing was the Art Centre when asked for a requirements list said there wasn't one but a kit would be available. Not correct, there was a list of requirements but luckily Jeanette had brought along enough spares to no one had to just sit and watch.

Best of all though was the socialising that went on within the group.
I've named this Autumn and the colours are brighter in real life. The piece is about 5" x 8" and made from merino tops with a bit of handstitching.
More felting, this time needle felting - my Art Deco flower card from Annie. Annie will be dropping out of our small private swap group due to other pressures. Sorry to hear you're leaving Annie and I shall treasure your cards even more. Hope the pressures are to great.

The postman brought two great journal pages yesterday. The first is from Diane Welte and represents the the date February 1964. Top of the Pops in February 1963 (and for several weeks more) was "I want to Hold your Hand" by the Beatles. I have to apologise to Diane my JP will be late due to the fact that I miss understood the date thing and also did February 64 "I want to hold your hand" Great minds....... I need to start all over again now as my date is October 1968 sorry Diane I'll start it today.

This mini quilt JP is from Ellen Kuzemchak and at first I thought it was machine embroidered but no on closer inspection it's fme'd. I love this mini quilt Ellen thank you so much.

Red hot outside today I only spent 5 minutes outside and had to come in as the sun was giving me a headache. Still its wonderful to see it again. I've put a meal in the slow cooker which we'll probably eat al fresco tonight and once Keith has finished washing the car we might go and see if there's any "Pick your own" strawberries ready.


Angelcat said...

Your Felting course sounds like fun, I've never done any felt making before, there are so many things out there that I haven't tried, sigh!

McIrish Annie said...

Annette, I am soo sorry to have to drop out! I will miss exchanging with all of you but will definitely be dropping by your blog to see what you are up to! That felted piece is gorgeous!

MargaretR said...

That felted piece is beautiful Annette and all the work you have been sent too. Lucky girl.

ellen in VA said...

Annette, so glad you received the quilt square. You were right on both counts, the first course of action was bobbin work using one of Bonnie Mcaffery's DigibobbE designs in the embroidery unit. Then sandwiched with some fme.

ellen in VA