Monday, 16 June 2008

More goodies from the postman

Not sure what's happened to the days recently, I've been pottering and getting nothing done I'm sure I'll see the benefit one day.

This little beauty from Carol Rowland landed on my doormat yesterday I just love the tiny tassel. Its in response to the Textile Challenge group 'handstitch lottery atc'. My atc from Carol is chevron stitch.
I have got some sewing done, but not much finished Day 7 of the 100 Stitches challenge, 7 down 93 to go. I'm enjoying this as it takes me back to my sewing roots.
This one is feather stitch, actually there are three rows of feather stitch here on top of one another. French knots and bullion knots are also in there somewhere. The thread is a fine rayon one I got from Stef Francis boy is it difficult to sew with it kept unravelling and twisting up on itself but I tamed it.
I've also been putting the finishing touches to my May CQ Journal Page, more about that in the week when its completed.
The postman also brought me 4 workshop DVD's from Quilting Arts . I ordered Judy Coates Perez "Mixed media painted fabric" but got an email today from QA telling me its been wrongly labeled and they are sending me the correct one but to keep this one which is fabric painting whole quilts. Well I'm always happy to get two for the price of one. Not played the DVD's yet but will as soon as I stop pottering and get down to some serious viewing. Tomorrow maybe.

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