Wednesday, 4 June 2008

May CQJP challenge piece

I've been busy over the past few days trying to finish my May Journal Page for the CQ 2008 challenge and this is it - Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues. I made a start on this twice before I was happy with what I'd done. My drawing skills aren't well developed and my lady looked as though she had a badly swollen leg, no neck and her head sort of drooped onto her chest. It took a couple of dry runs until I got this version and I think it's as good as it's going to get.
I wanted to emphasise the 'white satin' and 'nights' hence the nudey lady wrapped in white satin (actually its more like cream as it was all I could find). There is a possibility that I might add the odd letter here and there but for not at leasts its finished.

This is my nudey lady wrapped in white satin.

Postman called today and left me two fabric postcards one from Christine for the June swap "childrens books". Christine has choosen Peter Rabbit which is the same one I had decided to do so now I'll have to have a rethink. Guess the trick is to get yours out first. Lovely card though lots of handmade paper, lots of texture.
Cindy's card is the last of my "Art Decp Flower" swaps and she's chosen a flower full of art deco shapes. I love the Art Deco period as actually it has so many styles that you could just about do anything and it would fit in somewhere.
Some of the jobs to finish in June include:
5 postcard swap, 4 challenges, 1 arch, 6 quilt lotto blocks and a baby floor quilt for a present. In addition I have some jeans to take up for Keith before he trips over them and does himself an injury.

A challenge for Keith and Sy was to put my Chilean Potato tree back up against the kitchen wall. It had blown down in the winds and due to the rain and winds they were unable to put it back up again until this weekend. They lassoed the tree and while Keith held it up with my clothes prop Sy dashed up to the bathroom and pulled the rope upwards until they could anchor it off. Unfortunately I've lost about half of the branches but I'm sure it'll recover. My clothes prop has a definite bend in it now.

No word from James Cook yet as to a start date for Mum's radiotherapy, Keith's back is showing signs of the injection wearing off I just hope putting the tree back up didn't do any damage.

I'm off the Art Centre on Friday for a two day felt and stitch course with Jeanette Appleton and am really looking forward to it. Maybe I'll use the felt for one of my June projects. Off now to make a start on my June CQJP I'm not going to say what song will be but I've bought lots of purple.......

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Julie said...

I think you did very well with the nudey lady. I don't think I would have attempted it!

Enjoy the felting course.