Wednesday, 11 June 2008

More group activities

As if I don't have enought to do I joined the 100 Stitches in 200 days challenge part of the StitchinFingers group on Ning. The original challenge was set by Sharon Boggon and it was 100 stitches in 100 days but today they are a bit kinder and give us 200 days to do them. The challenge hasn't been going very long for anyone who would like to join in just go to StitchinFingers and add your name. If you are into crazy quilting this would be an ideal venue for you. Day 1 - straight stitch, cross stitch and beading.

Day 2 - chain stitch and beads. This is my 'chain stitch' atc for Ati one of the swaps on the Textilechallenge group here we are allocated a partner and a stitch. This is the second atc I did for Ati the first one had beading on as well but as I gave it a final press with the iron all the beads melted and yes I did put a silcone cloth between the iron and the atc but I had it turned up high.
My Journal Page for Diane for the 'Month/Year' swap - my year was 1968. This was the year that the Beatles album "Yellow Submarine" was released and when Joe Cocker's song "I'll get by with a little help from my friends". My family know to their peril that I love the gravelly sound of Joe Cocker's voice but this song is the least of my favourites.

Now for a teaser - this is a segment of my latest CQ Journal Page for the 2008 Challenge. I'm not going to ask you to "Guess that Tune" as I think it'll be too easy. It's a paper quilting background, free (scribble I mean) fme in several threads, beads and burned back chiffon. Hazy enough for you......


Doreen K. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! LOVE the coloe and all the texture.

Julie said...

Beautiful stitching Annette. I'm doing the TAST thing so won't be doing this one. Purple HAze is gorgeous!