Saturday, 14 June 2008

More Stitching

I've been happily stitching after my 9:00pm curfew (time I join dh and leave the machine to cool down) along with the others who have joined the "100 Stitches" group on Stitchinfingers and these pics are some of the work I've done so far. The original 100 Stitch challenge was set by Sharron Boggon in 2006 and enjoyed my many. Each day Sharron would publish a 'seam treatment' and off the stitchers would go in their own interpretation of Sharron's work. This challenge is a re-run but over 200 days to give us oldies a fighting chance of keeping up.

Day 1 - Straight stitch, cross stitch and beading.

Day 2 - detached chain stitch and beads.

Day 3 - I got a bit carried away and did three seam treatments, the first is buttonhole stitch, chain stitch, straight stitch and cross stitch with beads.

Day 3 again this time chain stitch and straight stitches between the chains done in two colours with beads in the centre.

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