Friday, 20 June 2008

June Block Lotto

I've been meaning to upload the photo of my baskets for the June Block Lotto for almost a week and kept forgetting. The remit was to make baskets from black, white and a bright colour fabric and these are mine. I was very tempted to put flowers in the basket but that wasn't in the instructions so thought I'd better not do it but my fingers itched to embellish them.

Yesterday this beauty was still in bud but this morning it was in full bloom. Such a beauty but the wind today has been quite strong and kept blowing her petals around, I wonder how long she'll last. I think of the flower as a 'she' because she's so showy. I bought the plant last year when we went to Thornton Hall and kept some of the seed pods. This year I have at least 20 plants, I moved some into the garden at the back of the house but they aren't doing as well as this one. Next year I'll probably be begging people to take them off me.

Tried to catch up with some housework today but didn't get a lot done. I get to watch my QA DVD's though andnow I've only got one left to view.

We're off to a garden party tomorrow afternoon to meet the other people going on the U3A holiday in Warwick next month, it should be fun. Then on Sunday we're off to Littlethorpe Manor which I believe is opening its garden to the public for the first time under the NGS umbrella.

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Julie said...

I saw on TV last week that if you cut off the flower once it goes floppy and before it starts to make a seed you will get more flowers. Also if it doesn't go to seed it won't spread so much - but the trick is remembering to stop it seeding!