Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Breathe of Fresh Air

Went for a short walk out on Sunday for a breathe of fresh air. We had intended to go down to Whitby but the sky became so dark we stopped at Staithes. Staithes is one of our favourite spots anyway so it wasn't a hardship.

We decided to walk around the small alleyways behind the main street. It's often a surprise what you find there. I was amused by this line of wellies drying on the garden fence.

When we got down to the harbour we saw the lifeboat men working near the breakwater doing something odd. The dingy was going in circles and we couldn't make out at first what they were trying to do. There looked to be something sunk in front of them - "were they taking people off a sunk boat?" No the 'boat' turned out to be the lifeboat special tractor. It had a sort of cage on the front and the dingy was trying to get onto it. They finally managed and the tractor pulled the dingy back up onto dry land.

I liked the look of these lobster pots might use this in some future work.

Large boulder on the rocky foreshore just underneath a towering cliff. The day was getting darker by the minute so we set off for home but felt better for our breathe of fresh air.


Ann said...

Hello Annette,

I've been tracking you through BQL! Well done! you're doing brilliantly!

Ann Clare

Helena said...

I love the welly picture! LOL!