Saturday, 5 January 2008

Guild Challenge

First meeting of the year for our local Embroiderers Guild today and the speaker, Ed Norton, failed to turn up!!! Not sure what the problem was but we were all sat there waiting, the business side of the meeting lengthened to fill in time. In the end to distract us all, our stalwart leader gave us a challenge. Someone had given the guild several cones of 1 ply cotton yarn in shades of pink and green. Our task was to get together in groups and create something from the yarn. We were given 15 minutes to complete this task.

There were 3 in my group and the photo shows our efforts. We were concerned as to what might have happened to Ed. We thought perhaps he found it just too cold up here in the North East and had gone off to sunnier climes. So here you see Ed sitting under a palm tree pretending to be a rasta.

The other groups made spiders web and landscapes. The one shown is a garden in winter. Pink flowers amid green leaves and the white is their paper depiction of snow.

Ed was to talk about the best way to exhibit your work and to this end the members had brought along something to display. We thought we have a go so displayed our work as we thought best. Then a general discussion took place with lots of moving around of articles and much laughter.

The white cushion belongs to my friend Judy Hargroves. She started the whitework cushion at the Summer School we both attended back in August of last year. Unlike me she actually finished the piece she started - no ufo here. Judy's very good at finishing her projects.

Judy's whitework cushion and close up of the work.

Despite not having a speaker we managed to entertain ourselves and we actually talked to each other. A thoroughly enjoyable meeting and a format that could well be repeated in the future.

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