Monday, 21 January 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

What happened to the weekend, I spent some of it in hospital with my Mum. She's prone to nose bleeds but on Sunday she had one that just would not stop. I kept telling her to sit with her head forward but you know what it's like sometimes getting old ideas out of old heads. She believed you had to sit with your head back. Naturally she ended up in an awful mess, very sick and it was nasty and all over the place. Took her to A&E where she was finally sent to an ENT ward to be seen by the consultant. Three tries later they had plugged her nose but it was still leaking backwards. Poor love by this time is the early ours of this morning and she was absolutely exhausted. I left her in the kind hands of the nurses there and am about to go and visit her.

In between I did manage to get some sewing done. I had two challenges this month, one on the theme of "Mask" and the other a scrap challenge with Fibre&Stitch.

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MargaretR said...

I hope your mother is better after her nosebleed. Having been prone to heavy nosebleeds all my life I know how awful it can be when someone who thinks they know better forces your head back or at one time a key on the back of your neck. you just choke and it still bleeds but goes down into your stomach instead. I feel very sorry for your mum. I pinch my nose and bend my head forward a bit and I haven't had a very heavy one in ages. Cross fingers!