Wednesday, 9 January 2008

TIF Challenge Piece

It took me some time to decided how I would tackle the Take it Further challenge. Who I admired and was inspired by wasn't a challenge it was my Gran (mother's mother). She died many years ago when I was in my early twenties but she is often in my thoughts. Gran was a skilled needlewoman, like many of her generation. She had a large family and her work almost always had a utilitarian purpose. I doubt she would have had the inclination to 'play' as we do but feel sure she would approve of my 'work' today. She taught me to always do the best I could, no slapdash work for her. If it wasn't perfect but the best you could do then that was fine. Her favourite colours were the pink/green/maroonblues range. She loved flowers and cherished her family. Her crochet lacework was just wonderful. I hope I can live up to her standards.

Close-up of some of the stitches used which were mainly stem and chain stitch, some of the first she taught me.

The January challenge piece has a background of painted pelmet vilene. I had been given some sheer fabric of unknown fibre and I gave it the heat treatment with my heat gun. It didn't go into holes but crinkled up lovely.

This was bonded onto the vilene and I fme scribbled with gold thread to give it greater texture and further bond it to the vilene. I created a collage in Paintshop Pro using a photoframe, tag and my Gran's photo. This one was taken shortly before her death so is precious to me and shows her lovely smile. I attached this to the background using gold thread. I used a brad to attach the tag and then added hand embroidery, beads and paper lace.

The back is a PSP collage

Been to see my mum this morning and took her the "Betty's" book. She used to work in Betty's in Harrogate before she met my father and is always talking about it. She loved her time there but the war came and she was sent to work on the railways as a signalwoman. The book gives the history of Betty's tea shops and confirms much of the tales she used to tell. It's full of pictures both early ones of the 'family' and the latest ventures. I'm sure she'll love it, at least I hope so.

Mil is poorly again, this time she's got the lurgy, the dreaded sickness and diarrhoea. We aren't allowed to visit at the moment as they have used their 'closed door' policy to try and contain the spread. It must be rife in the UK as the radio and tv are constantly telling us that if we get it not to go to our gp but to stay at home, keep warm and drink plenty of fluids. Guess that's what they are doing with Jan. Well here's to keeping the bugs at bay.


appleseed said...

Beautiful work!
It looks wonderful and very balanced!
When I first peeked I thought it was a scrapbook page (I'm a scrapper, too) so I am glad I read the whole thing and you showed off some of your stitching!

Allison Ann Aller said...

This is SO moving!
What a lovely take on Sharon's January challenge.

Elizabeth said...

Annette! i love your blog!! First of all the Rose header is glorious! Do you know the name of that particular rose? It has to be an antique variety!! Second your stitching and the story behind this piece about your Gran is just wonderful!!
I have big news for you! the Complementary Journal page that i owe you will be on it's way across the pond tomorrow!!! thank you so much for being so kind and patient and for putting up with my tardiness. I do so hate to get behind but sometimes life just "happens"!!

Happy New Year to you and stay healthy!!

MaryjoO said...

I'm not able to read "all" postings on this challenge, but your stitching definitely caught my eye! Lovely story, too.

MargaretR said...

Congrats on finishing your Challenge so early, it is as Alison said so moving. Next time I go to Betty's in Harrogate it will be even more of a pleasure.

goatgoddess said...

Wonderful pcs - love the look of it

Helena said...

I ate in Betty's at Harrogate last summer. It's still lovely there!