Monday, 21 January 2008

Well this is my scrap challenge book cover. I don't actually keep many scraps I'm more a thrower outer but I do keep loose threadsends and bits of sheer fabrics. So I layered these onto some unappealing cotton, covered them with a grey chiffon scarf and scribbled all over them in fme in two colours. I finally added some butterflies and stem stitch. The silver strip is some silver bits I bought from Crafty Notions along with the adhesive that is a bit like double sided tape. I made a tag with the off cuts.
Bag from the inside.
Ah well now to the Mask challenge. I couldn't think of anything other than text so using the letters MASK in Jokerman font I created a few designs and made a sampler with a letter fringe.

Just wish I hadn't used the variegated thread, ah well another learning curve.


Amanda said...

what a lovely book cover! I'll look at my scraps (I'm a hoarder rather than a thrower outer) in a new light. thank you.

MargaretR said...

I got sidetracked as I meant to say how much I liked your scrap book cover. Beautiful colours.