Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

Not sure what happens in your house but here in the North East or at least its tradition in our family, that you never take a dust bunny, washing, ironing or diry windows into the New Year. You home must shine like a new star but this year I rebelled and Keith and I went to Hardwick Park in Sedgefield for a walk. Hardwick Park was once the landscaped gardens belonging to Hardwick Hall that was built in the 17th Century. The park fell into disrepair but is now undergoing a face lift thanks to lottery money. There are a number of ponds, lakes and woodland walks. We set off yesterday morning for a walk round the lake. The first thing you see in the Park is the ruined Gatehouse, I believe it was built as a romantic ruin (folly) the archway though gives a great view of the park beyond.

The woods in winter I thought looked like a line of giant feathers and think they will feature in future works so watch this space.

Down in the deep dark woods walked

Red Riding Hood.

Can you see the wolf watching for her?

We called in to see Jan on the way home. She seems to have settled very well into her new home, in fact I doubt she realises she's not in the same place. She's clean, appears happy enough and is thank goodness pain free. However she had a fall this morning and I'm not surprised. Her new slippers have been lost so we had to go out and buy her another pair. She was wearing some blue knitted flip flops in a size 7. She takes a size 3 so I'm not at all surprised she fell and told the attendants what I thought. Also her drawers and cupboards were empty of clothes? Apparently everything she owns in "in the wash". I must keep an eye on this, as I said we went straight out and bought her new slippers and a few extra clothes. Going back tomorrow to see whether they are still there and what she has on her feet. I understand the problem of clothing amongst inmates (feels like a prison) especially when labels come off or are unclear. Jan's are school labels so can't see the problem. Will give up now as this is becoming a bit of a hobbyhorse.

Got home and felt guilty as my house was less than sparkling. Started to clean up the dust bunnies and finished all the washing then company decended. It was good to see them but by the time they left I was too tired and it was too late to do more than collect up the coffee cups and make dinner. So we entered the New Year with unironed clothes and unwashed windows. Lets see if it makes any difference.

Happy New Year

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