Friday, 26 September 2008

The Bermunda Triangle

There's a little known fish called the Bermuda Triange that lives in the bottom of the wool basket and only comes to life under the needles of an embellisher. I caught this one lurking this afternoon. I was playing with my new embellisher making preflets and this 'Bermuda Triangle' fish emerged. I thought I'd enter it for the September challenge of Yellow and Triangle on the Machine_embroidery_machine_felting_ fme group.

I love my new 12 needle machine, I still like my 7 needle one but this one is much faster when making pre-felt. The first prefelt I made was made from several shades of green with a bit of yellow. The second one was made from several shades of yellow. I used the green one as a background then cut the yellow one into triangles and felted to the background. The fish shape came to life without much conscious involvement from me, a real mystery. I was playing around with the shapes to see how they would fit on the background piece when I realised I 'caught' the elusive Bermuda Triangle fish. A bit of handstitching round the shapes and beading emphasised the triangles further. I do hope you like my twist on the Bermuda Triangle.

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