Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Catch up and recent treasures

I've managed to almost catch with TAST, this is the barred and alternate barred chain stitch piece. Don't ask me how it came to be a snail, it just sort of crawled into the picture. Now I only have this weeks which I've forgotten already, my mind these days is a seive. I have put individual day pictures on my Flicr account but decided just to put the finished block photo here with the last nine daysworth of stitching. I've got six blocks almost finished, just the odd strip to be decorated not really sure what I'll do with them when I've finished. It's surprising how heavy they are when held together. I did think of a wall hanging but I'll need to reinforce the backs of each block so the stitching will hold under pressure. Nothing is set in concrete at the moment thoughand I still have 60 days worth to go!
Now for the goodies, just look at this beautiful arch sent to me by Dotti Cullen. Dotti said it ended up different from what she had in mind and I smiled. How often does that happen to me. I love it. Dotti followed the technique used by Francis Holiday Alford in the June/July issue of Quilting Arts.
Dawn Ulgen sent me this card, yo-yo carnations. We swapped cards and I think hers is even better in the flesh than it was in the group folder.
I've been thinking of something we can do at our next meeting of Serendipity and have read much recently of gelatine printing and thought we might like to do some. Linda Germain has 'How To' instructions and videos on her web site which is here have a look but be prepared to be fascinated so make a cuppa for yourself. We could have a monoprinting day and try out as many types as possible. One thing I'd really like to do is some screen printing but I'm not sure about the equipment. Might have to sweet talk Keith to see if he can make me a screen.

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Dotti said...

Your stitching is amazing. It has almost inspired me to take some stitches on Tuesdays. Have you backed the block with a stabilizer to help support the heavy stitching? I'm not crazy about crazy quilting, but this embroidery lends itself so well to the log cabin blocks! Hugs, Dotti