Thursday, 18 September 2008

Going Mad

I must be going mad, I was absolutely sure I blogged this recycled wallhanging two days ago but when I logged on it was gone!! I tried the edit mode to see if I'd hit the wrong button but it wasn't in the edit posts bit either. Ah well I must have been dreaming.

The challenge on Surface Design group was to make a wallhanging, any size, any design but it must be made from recycled materials. My background fabric was made from two mini quilts made some time ago and gathering dust. I cut the mini quilts into pieces slightly larger than an atc and edged them in an open satin stitch by machine.

The surface was sprayed with Adirondack Colour Wash 'Wild Plum' dye. I just love these spray paints/dyes the colours are so lush. Using a couple of stencils I painted the leaf and the leaf veins then hand quilted round the leaf shape and rubbed on small bits of Treasure Gold. Hand painted washers joined the pieces together. These were laced with machine wrapped threads left over from another project. Finally the bronze leaves were added, the leaves were recycled from some artificial flowers thrown out by my mother. I hope however adopts my wallhanging likes it.

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