Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Colour Me swap

Its unusual for me to blog in a morning but I'm off to attend a friends funeral in a few minutes. I may not be in a mood to blog later on.

Yesterday I said I'd post my contribution for my private group swap. 'Colour me' was Septembers theme, meaning make your card in your favourite colour. Now I have a confession to make, I don't really have a favourite colour it tends to change constantly. However I am, like many others, very partial to the colours of Autumn (Fall) so my card reflects the golds and greens of that season, which in this corner of the UK is now upon us.
Each card is pieced with irregular fabric strips, then machine embroidered over the seams in a metallic thread. One or two patches were further enhanced with metallic thread embroidery and finally I added green crystals. While the cards are similar, being made from one piece of pieced fabric, each is individual and will be posted later today.


AdeleSews said...

I really love your blog! It's great.
Adele XXX

Julie said...

Lovely cards Annette. I am sorry for your loss.